keskiviikko 17. syyskuuta 2014


2nd day at Lorne  

Today I have been involved with two art groups. The one in the morning had more of an invidual approach and the one in the afternoon was a group of 7. The theme in the morning was that a client painted a picture for a selfmade calendar. The calendars are almost finished and next week a group in the morning art group will make jewellery out of old forks and spoons.

In the afternoon I joined a group that had started last week designing lanterns for a winter festival. The festival is held in November and the clients in the Center will join a parade. The clients drew some pictures for the lanterns and we picked up some willow branches for the lanters outside the centre.
The atmosphere in Scotland is all in all very excited. The referendum for the independence for Scotland will be held on Thursday. The Yes and No signs are all over the country and everywhere you look. 

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