keskiviikko 17. syyskuuta 2014


3rd day at Lorne Resouce center
Last night there was a Scottish show at the Royal Hotel. Two accordion players played folk music and there was a  man playing bagpipes and a young girl dancing higland dances. It was good fun.

Today I took part in Lynn's class (magazine group) in the morning. Lynn is a teacher at West Scotland College and has lessons for the service users on Wednesdays. The service users sign in to the College in the autumn, but the classes are held at the Center, which is a familiar place for the clients. The College courses are free for the learning disabled. At Lynn´s classes the service users make their own magazine, make films and so on. First at the lesson today everyone talked about the referendum. They had written about the referendum for the Summer 2014 magazine and Lynn read about it aloud. Eg. in the magazine in the summer service users had said:
"Yes, because we need money to save the Scottish Parliament and keep the country going. Decisions should be made in Scotland."
"Maybe, I am not sure."
"Yes, it´s good for Scotland to be an independent country."
Lynn talked to the service users how the voting is done tomorrow and also that everyone can make their own decision on this matter .

After a tea break Magazine Group interviewed me for the Lorne magazine and I told them about Finland.
In the afternoon I took part in a riding lesson on a nearby stables. Two of the service users took part in the riding. It was good physical excercise for them, but I think most importantly it was good for their confidence. Being in charge of a big animal gives a sense of leadership.


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