perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

Oban, Scotland 18.9.2014

4th day at Lorne Resource Center

There is excitement in the air because of the referendum. Tomorrow morning we will know the results.

Back to work then:The Center has around 35 clients and 12 employees. In Finland the Day centers (at least in Turku area) have a daily program that the clients of the center participate in every day. Except if they live in a dormitory. Then they would have one day off every week for cleaning their home and doing some grocery shopping etc.

In the Lorne Resource center the system is very different from us. The day center workers visit people at home if needed and do some individual work with the clients. Some people are visited almost daily and even on the weekends. At Lorna the center offers daily activities for their clients. And I have already told you about the activities (or at least some of them.) The service users can choose themselves, which ones they want to participate in. Many of the clients live on their own. If the person needs more support at home that Lorne Resource center can offer, the social work department  will assess and provide care packages where a person can have a care worker at their home as much as needed. The care worker can either  work for the council or a private company. In Turku the day centers offer only contract work or handicraft work at the centers. There is only one place that has a versitile weekly program with different clubs.  But all the employees work only at the center with the clients. Jim told me earlier that their system was similar to us twenty years ago, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

The Center has clients in Oban, but also in the nearby island called the Isle of Mull. Today I participated in swimming at a local pool with two clients. I left Oban early in the morning with a ferry and  I was accompanied by Fiona a community worker from the center. It took 45 minutes to get to Mull. (Wonderful scenery on the way!) In Mull we met Teen who works in Mull for two days of the week.  There are 3 people using the centers services at Mull. We picked up the two clients that were service users today with a car and went and had a wonderful swim! Isle of Mull is really beautiful and I was really happy to see parts of it. On the ferry back from Mull I saw two porpoises.

After the ferry ride Fiona took me back to the center. I talked to Lynn and she showed me how they make the magazine and how the films that they make are done. I even got to see one film from 2012. It was amazing and fun. I will defenetely try to make a film with my students too.


In the afternoon I participated in a drumming session. I was very excited about it and it was really interesting to see how the clients got involved and got excited about the drumming too. Kirsty who was in charge of the session gave quite challenging tasks to the clients like skipping beats and leading the group by drumming, but the clients were delighted about the tasks. This was great fun!

The Photo is from the Mull Swimming Pool.


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